Banished from your village, your only hope is to find the fabled Outcasts Refuge, somewhere in this forest.

(Playing with the sound on is recommend)

Art by Steven Colling

Music by Bryan Teoh

Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Perma Death, Roguelite, Short, Singleplayer, Turn-based

Development log


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Very cool concept, with tons of potential. Reminds me a bit of a streamlined Neo Scavenger. Like Daniel I also appreciated the hill/visibility mechanic, but I wish there was more to see on the map, like some indication of what might be found in a given hex. Seemed a little too random /luck-based whether you might find what you need. 

But this is a terrific platform to build on, and I could see it becoming a really good game.  (Art is cool too!)

Cool game! Got all the way to the end on my second try :)

Fun little game! The balance between being extremely vulnerable and indestructible is a little precarious. Once I got enough insulation and the first campfire then it was just searching around. The hill energy/visibility mechanic is neat!